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2019 Who's Who In CONTACT

Remembering who is who in CONTACT takes time, so for the new player, and for those of us who's memories need a severe upgrade, I provide this useful guide. At the moment this page is complete with regard to current players, but in time it will include details of all characters past and present. In the meantime for a full list of actual characters (well almost) see the Active & Reserve Duty Roster page.

The first table is "Character To Player", by the character's family name first, followed by their forename and any initials, then the name of the player and an entry stating in which year they last participated.

The second table "Player To Character", lists each player twice, by their first name and their family name, each entry being followed by their current or former character's name. As some people are better known by a nickname, an entry for that has been included as well in this table where appropriate.

Finally some players have asked that their family name is omitted for reasons of privacy, work etc., and so this has been done.

So, if you find any errors or missing data on any of these pages, please get in touch with me, Dean Wayland, at the School and we'll update the entry.

See also the following in-character pages, for more information:

Active & Reserve Duty Roster Awards Granted Decorations, Medals & Awards

Table 1: Character To Player

AITKEN. Bradley.. Anthony Grana Priego 2015
ANDRIAM. Ciaphas. Jack P. 2019
APPLEBY. Peter. John Gathercole 2007
BARBISON. Cindy. Rita Davis 2008
BATEMAN. Toby.* Toby Bateman. 2018
BAUER. Richard. Andrew Mellor 2019
BEAUMONT. Rosalyn. Mary Gentle 2019
BRANNIGAN. Joseph P. Scott Anderson 2007
BRUNEL. Percy. Toby Bateman. 2018
CARTER. Thomas George. Trevor Smith 2019
CHURCH. Derek A. Simon Doidge 2007
COURTNEY. Alastair. R. Dean Wayland 2019
DEBEER. Rosie. Shanine Gill 2003
DELPERDANCE. Robert. David Bright 2007
FLYNN. Marcus. Timothy Harris 2011
FOX. Ray. Christian Classen 2008
FROST. Jonathon. John Molloy 2016
FUCHS. Helena. Anna G. 2016
GILMARTIN. Lucy. Susan Berry 2016
HAZELL. Shea. Jay Rose. 2019
HUDSON. Dwain. Oliver Smith. 2019
JAMESON. James Martin Slaughter 2007
JOHANSON. Andrew. Martin Buxton 2015
KILKENNY. David R. (MD) Stephen Clarke (aka "Spike") 2016
KING. Elizabeth. Susan Furlong 2019
KIRK. Alexandra. Amanda Crofts 2006
KNIGHT. Alice. Susan Parker 2016
LA'BOPAR. Gwido. Matthew Bridgey 2006
LAW. James T. Christopher Booley 2019
LEWIS. Kira. Nikki Swift 2009
LOPEZ. A. Liam Doherty 2006
LUTHER. Leroy. Liam Bateman. 2017
MARTINS. Julian. Ian Russell 2019
MCREEDY. Ryan. Darren Tume 2008
MULLER. Karl. John Fuller 2019
NEWMAN. John. Frank Jackson 2015
O'MALLEY. Bruce I. Stephen Churchett 2006
OWEN. Ulysses Nicholas. Gary Stratmann 2016
PALMER. Harry. John Hayes 2006
PEACOCK. Christopher. Douglas. R. 2019
PEACOCK. Drew. Ade. M. 2019
PEREIRLA. Carlos. Pedro Cavalcanti 2008
PETERSEN. Kathlene. Jane Jordan 2019
PETROV. Vladimir R. John Neal 2008
REDDMAN. J. Graham Worsfold 2016
REYNOLDS. Thomas. Brian Kellet 2016
RHYS. David G. Simon Thomas 2008
SACKVILLE-WEST. M. Bertrand. Clive Rushen 2016
SCHWARTZ. Aana. I. Eileen Payne 2009
STANFORD. Andrew. Alastair Stuart 2007
STANTON. Andrew. Mark Stanhope 2008
STEWART. Theresa. Tracie Anderson 2007
STEYN. Dutch. Andy R. 2016
STOKES. Bradley (MD) Simon Anderson (aka "Parkway") 2019
SWEETWATER. Jason. Justin Wells. 2019
TACHIKOMA. Lara Atsuko. Ashley Rachel Pollard 2016
TUNA. Maximillian. James Key 2008
VALENTINE. Nicholas. Nicholas Atkins 2008
VOSLOO. Stephanus J. Stephen Gill 2003
WADER. Wolfgang. Matthew Dennis 2009
WARD. Christine. Patricia Foster 2018
WELL. Edward. (Phd) Stephen Evans 2008
WOLFE. Carl. Nicholas Cockayne. 2019
ZUBROWKA. Maksim D. Robin Tregaskis 2010

* The character died before the player decided upon their character's name.

Table 2: Player To Character

Ade. M. PEACOCK. Drew.
Alastair Stuart STANFORD. Andrew.
Amanda Crofts KIRK. Alexandra.
Anderson. Scott BRANNIGAN. Joseph P.
Anderson. Simon STOKES. Bradley MD
Anderson. Tracie STEWART. Theresa.
Andrew Mellor BAUER. Richard.
Andy R. STEYN. Dutch.
Anna G. FUCHS. Helena.
Anthony Grana Priego AITKEN. Bradley.
Ashley R. Pollard TACHIKOMA. Lara Atsuko.
Atkins. Nicholas. VALENTINE. Nicholas.
Bateman. Liam LUTHER. Leroy.
Bateman. Toby. BATEMAN. Toby.*
Bateman. Toby. BRUNEL. Percy.
Berry. Susan GILMARTIN. Lucy.
Booley. Christopher LAW. James T.
Brian. Kellet REYNOLDS. Thomas.
Bridgey. Matthew LA'BOPAR. Gwido.
Bright. David DELPERDANCE. Robert.
Buxton. Martin JOHANSON. Andrew.
Cavalcanti. Pedro. PEREIRLA. Carlos.
Christian Classen FOX. Ray.
Christopher Booley LAW. JamesT.
Churchett. Stephen O'MALLEY. Bruce I. MD
Clarke. Stephen (aka "Spike") KILKENNY. David. R. MD
Classen. Christian. FOX. Ray.
Clive Rushen SACKVILLE-WEST. M. Bertrand.
Cockayne. Nicholas WOLFE. Carl.
Crofts. Amanda KIRK. Alexandra.
Darren Tume MCREEDY. Ryan..
David Bright DELPERDANCE. Robert.
Davis. Rita BARBISON. Cindy..
Dean Wayland COURTNEY. Alastair R.
Dennis. Matthew WADER. Wolfgang.
Doherty. Liam LOPEZ. A.
Doidge. Simon CHURCH. Derek A.
Douglas. R. PEACOCK. Christopher.
Eileen Payne. SCHWARTZ. Ana I.
Evans. Stephen WELL. Edward Phd
Foster. Patricia WARD. Christine.
Frank Jackson NEWMAN. John.
Fuller. John. MULLER. Karl.
Furlong. Susan KING. Elizabeth.
Gary Stratmann OWEN. Ulysses Nicholas.
Gathercole. John APPLEBY. Peter.
Gentle. Mary BEAUMONT. Rosalyn.
Gill. Shanine. DEBEER. Rosie.
Gill. Stephen. VOSLOO. Stephaus J.
Graham Worsfold REDDMAN. J.
Grana Priego. Anthony AITKEN. Bradley.
G***. Anna. FUCHS. Helena.
Harris. Timothy. FLYNN. Marcus.
Hayes. John PALMER. Harry.
Ian Russel MARTINS. Julian.
Jack P. ANDRIAM. Ciaphas.
Jackson. Frank NEWMAN. John.
Jane Jordan PETERSEN. Kathlene.
James Key TUNA. Maximillian.
Jay Rose HAZELL. Shea.
John Fuller MULLER. Karl.
John Hayes PALMER. Harry.
John Gathercole APPLEBY. Peter.
John Molloy FROST. Jonathon.
John Neal PETROV. Vladimir R.
Jordan. Jane PETERSEN. Kathlene.
Justin Wells SWEETWATER. Jason.
Kellet. Brian. REYNOLDS. Thomas.
Key. James TUNA. Maximillian.
Liam Bateman LUTHER. Leroy.
Liam Doherty LOPEZ. A.
Mark Stanhope STANTON. Andrew.
Martin Buxton JOHANSON. Andrew.
Martin Slaughter JAMESON. James.
Mary Gentle BEAUMONT. Rosalyn
Matthew Bridgey LA'BOPAR. Gwido.
Matthew Dennis WADER. Wolfgang.
Mellor. Andrew. BAUER. Richard.
Molloy. John FROST. Jonathon.
Neal. John PETROV. Vladimir Rasputa.
Nicholas Atkins VALENTINE. Nicholas.
Nicholas Cockayne WOLFE. Carl.
Nikki Swift LEWIS. Kira.
Oliver Smith HUDSON. Dwain.
Parker. Susan KNIGHT. Alice.
"Parkway" (aka Simon Anderson) STOKES. Bradley. MD
Patricia Foster WARD. Christine.
Payne. Eileen SCHWARTZ. Ana. I.
Pedro Cavalcanti PEREIRLA. Carlos.
Pollard. Ashley R. TACHIKOMA. Lara Atsuko.
R***. Andrew. DUTCH. Andrew.
Rita Davis BARBISON. Cindy..
Robin Tregaskis ZUBROWKA. Maksim. D.
Rose. Jay. HAZELL. Shea.
Rushen. Clive SACKVILLE-WEST. M. Bertrand.
Russel. Ian. MARTINS. Julian.
Scott Anderson BRANNIGAN. Joseph P.
Shanine Gill DEBEER. Rosie.
Simon Anderson STOKES. Bradley. MD
Simon Doidge CHURCH. Derek. A.
Simon Thomas RHYS. David. G.
Slaughter. Martin JAMESON. James.
Smith. Oliver. HUDSON. Dwain.
Smith. Trevor CARTER. George Thomas.
"Spike" (aka Stephen Clarke) KILKENNY. David. R. MD
Stanhope. Mark STANTON. Andrew.
Stephen Churchett O'MALLEY. Bruce. I.
Stephen Clarke (aka "Spike") KILKENNY. David. R. MD
Stephen Evans WELL. Edward. Phd
Stephen Gill VOSLOO. Stephanus J.
Stuart. Alastair. STANFORD. Andrew.
Susan Berry GILMARTIN. Lucy.
Susan Furlong KING. Elizabeth.
Susan Parker KNIGHT. Alice.
Swift. Nikki LEWIS. Kira.
Thomas. Simon RHYS. David. G.
Timothy Harris FLYNN. Marcus.
Toby Bateman BATEMAN. Toby.*
Toby Bateman BRUNEL. Percy.
Tracie Anderson STEWART. Theresa.
Tregaskis. Robin ZUBROWKA. Maksim. D.
Trevor Smith CARTER. George Thomas.
Tume. Darren. MCREEDY. Ryan.
Wayland. Dean COURTNEY. Alastair R.
Wells. Justin SWEETWATER. Jason.
Worsfold. Graham REDDMAN. J.

* Died before they decided upon their character name.

End of Page


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