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As the UNSGC is made up of personnel both civil and military, from many nations, it is vital that we all use the same Standard Operating Procedures, tactics, signals, references, abbreviations, acronyms, terms, legends and codes. The following links, lead to pages providing unified information and clarification on regular military issues. For matters arising specifically out of STAR GATE operations see the RGHQ-51 Home Page.

Note that any greyed out links are to documents still in preparation, and therefore not as yet uploaded.


Copies of the current crop of printed handouts, that serve as aide memoires for Marines in the field, as found via The SOP & SO page. The date in brakets indicates the last time the document was updated.

Handout #01( 25 MAR 18 ) Most Common Terms, Abbreviations, & Acronyms
Handout #02 ( 25 MAR 18 ) DTG - Date Time Group Quick Reference Guide
Handout #03 ( 25 MAR 18 ) Rank Insignia Recognition Chart

General Links

An alphabetical listing.

Abbreviations, Acronyms & Glossary of Terms Active & Reserve Duty Roster
Branch Of Service Country Codes
Intelligence Legend Military Manuals
Military Time - The DTG Orders Process Explained
Orders Process Template POW Tap Code
Standing Orders (SO) & Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) + Miscellanious Technical Handouts
Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ)
U.N. Special Forces Physical Fitness Test & The Personall Fitness Test

Uniform & Equipment Guides

Service Dress Uniform (SDU)
& In-Base Kit
Battle Dress Uniform (BDU)
MultiCam®  Boots About The MultiCam®  Camouflage Pattern
Essential Survival Kit Combat Equipment
Insignia & How To Wear It Dog Tags

My Promotion
My Medals & Awards
My Rank Insignia
My Pay
$   $   $

My Promotion - How It All Works -->
The following set of links are concerned with the issue of career progression within the UNSGC. They cover how you achieve awards, how to earn and employ rank, and provides details of pay.
Decorations Medals & Awards Awards Granted
Medal Only Illustrations Decorations Criteria Chart
The Promotional Points Chart Unit Awards Explained
1. Rank & Insignia 2. Rank & Insignia Tables
3. Commissions, Decommissions & Transfers 4. Rank Comparison Tables
5. Rank Abbreviations Tables My Pay

The Communications Center

The first article deals with communications in general, while the four following articles deal with specific subjects: Hand Signals, Morse Code, Semaphore and Hand Writing for the battlefield.

The next two links are to the major article on radios in CONTACT, while the next 8 are all part of a single article dealing with the practical 'how to' business of operating a radio. The final two links are to articles on the question of profanity on air, and the operator's Network (ARAN).

Battlefield Communications In General
Battlefield Communications Hand Signals Battlefield Communications Morse Code
Battlefield Communications Semaphore Hand Writing For The Battlefield
The RTO's Page The RTO's Wiki Links Page
1 Introduction & Equipment. 2 Basic Radio Operations
3 NATO Phonetic Code 4 Prowords
5 FIVE BY FIVE 6 Authentication Codes
7 Message Precedence 8 Radio Frequencies
The Profanity Codes ARAN

NATO APP-6 Map Symbols

The following links are to pages concerned with the current NATO Allied Procedural Publication #6 (APP-6), entitled NATO Joint Military Symbology. This is the system used by all NATO members for marking military maps, plans and organisational charts, now in its fourth edition (APP-6C). It is based upon the US Mil.Std.2525C, the latest edition of which Mil.Std.2525D (2011) will in time form the basis of the next edition of APP-6, that is APP-6D, due in 2019.

Note that the left hand links are to Wiki pages, the top right is to a download site offering the current British Army's version as a True Type Font, while the final link is a PDF download of Mil.Std.2525D.

NATO Joint Military Symbology Article - Wiki Map Syms True Type Font
NATO Joint Military Symbology Gallery - Wiki Mil.Std.2525D - PDF Download

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