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Part 2. Skill Set Part 3. UNMC Branch Of Service



Basic Character Creation

Part 1: United Nations Marine Corps Enlistment


So, you want to be a U.N. Marine, join the top secret CONTACT Program, and serve in its STAR GATE Command, to try and save the world? Alternatively you just want to have some highly realistic milsim fun shooting new and old friends. Either way this is the place to start. This page tells you how to enlist in the Corps, or to put it another way, how to create a character to take part in our campaign.

IC & OOC Information

Below is a series of questions, for which we need your answers in an email, so we can "create" your character, and upload your 201 File, that is your character's on-line personnel file. Do not worry, no sensitive/private information is ever uploaded, the IC, In-Character and OOC, Out-Of-Character files are kept very separate.


Bare in mind this is suppose to be a piece of fun, if you feel that you do not want to answer any of the questions on these pages apart from the essentials, that's fine, just skip them and move on, and we will enter the phrase CLASSIFIED on any public records.Meanwhile we can deal with any private issues like this in person or over email/phone if you wish. Sorry no Facebook option.

The Process

The process is very quick and easy to do. The first two sections appear below, the first being about you the player, and the second being the beginnings of your actual character.

After completing these sections you next go to the page that adds your characters Skill Set, which are not fake game abilities, but a points reward system for your personal real-world skills. So if you are a first-aider, a mechanic, ex-services or have a degree, you'll get a bonus to your Promotional Points (PP) to reflect these skills.

Lastly to finish, you go to the first of the in-character pages to choose your Branch Of Service, presuming you fancy trying something other than the default option which is the Infantry which is actually what most folks go for anyway, at least to start with. More in depth background details can be added but that is not done to a formula, rather it is done in consultation with the plot team. However, as CONTACT is really live role play "light", few people bother further character embellishment beyond the basics.

If at whatever point you decide to finish your character, you will be invited to join our three private email Yahoo Groups, so as to keep in touch with us, and your fellow Marines.

Example 201 Files

For inspiration here are a couple of character files for you to have a look at.

This file is for a formally very active player, Ashley Rachael Pollard, who is the most highly decorated character to date:


Here is a civilian Non-Player-Character (NPC) with lots of odd details:


You can see other files  HERE.

A Back-Up Character; Death & Re-enlistment

If, or more likely, when, your character gets killed, then you will need to create a new one.

To enable this to happen while actually still in game, it makes sense to have a back up character ready to go just in case.

All you need to do is a partial repeat of the creation process, only providing Out-Of-Character details where they have changed, for example, new address, email or phone number, or even new skills. The key thing we need is your new character's name, and if you want to keep it simple, everything else can stay as is. It's up to you.

The Enlistment Procedure

To make the process of answering these questions simpler, just copy and paste the whole in to an email, and amend accordingly.

And if you have any problems use the "Contact Us" link at the top of this page.

Your Personal Details

* Any details marked with an asterisk * are also used in creating your character, as you will be able to remember them easily in combat or under stress.

1. What is your full name?

2. What format do you want your real name to appear on any on-line pages? FULL/PART

This is for those who desire privacy, and so we would only put up their first name and the initial of their family name. So for example:

"Jane Doe", would normally appear as "DOE. Jane." but would instead become: "JANE. D."

See the Who's Who In CONTACT and the Awards Granted pages for an idea of where we use your real name or it's abbreviated form.

3. *What is your gender? MALE/FEMALE

4. What is your full address? (this is not published on-line)

5. What is your email address? (this is not published on-line)

6. What is your phone number? (this is not published on-line)

7. *What is your date of birth? Please give your DOB with the month spelled out in full to avoid confusion, for example:

20th September 1987

This will appear on your in-character file in standard military format as:

20 SEP 87

NB: Because DOB is often asked of casualties during treatment on the battlefield we have found it best to use your real one.

8. *What is your blood group? Specify your real blood group or enter "Don't Know". A "Don't Know" answer will appear in IC records as the fictional blood group:


Re questions 9, 10 and 11: We used to keep this data only in the OOC files, but over the last 20 odd years, we have found that it is best to integrate it in to your IC file, so first aiders and your friends are aware of any issues, so they can watch out for you in the field, just as they would in a real-world military campaign. So please, do not be afraid to tell us. Quite a few of us have bits falling off, so you will be in good company!

9. *Are you genuinely alergic to Penicillin? YES/NO/DON'T KNOW

10. *Any other real alergies or health issues that we need to know about, and if YES, what are they? YES/NO

11. *Any Special Dietary Requirements, and if YES, what are they? YES/NO

12. Are you UKARA Registered? (this is not published on-line) YES/NO/NOT YET/DON'T KNOW/WHAT'S UKARA?

UKARA - the United Kingdom Airsoft Retailers Association, is the body that registers players and legitimate airsofters, so that they can purchase authentic looking weapons, that is ones not painted in lurid colours normally sold to the general public. Replica Imitation Firearms (RIF) are covered by the Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006 (VCRA), which makes it illegal to sell authentic looking replica weapons to persons without a defence in law. We can help you with getting registered.

The Fictional Bits

Everything below this point will appear upon your IC 201 File, that is your character's on-line personnel file.

The absolute minimum details required to create a character are nationality and name. Everything else is a bonus. So if you really don't want to go beyond that, you're done!

Note that if you choose to play a character from another country, you should know a little about it, and speak a word or two, so as to be convincing to other players. You do NOT have to be able to actually converse in the language, but if you do that's a bonus, as you can add "Translator" to the list of your characters' skill set. You also do NOT need to put on an accent, as English is the default language of the CONTACT Program, and many non-native speakers have better English than native ones.

Regarding names, please try not to choose those of any fictional characters from books, films or games, or ones that are way too silly. Joke names are permitted but they must be subtle. If you absolutely must have the name of a well known fictional character, then change it, use a different first name, and change the spelling of the family name. The ideal is that when someone reads the name on-line they won't immediately cringe or howel with laughter and think that we are all juvenile morons and not worth getting involved with. Most importantly it must be memorable and pronouncible by other players who will be shouting it at you all day and night, and so you don't want to be embarrased by it, now or in the future, and nor do they!

Do not ask us to include any nicknames. IC nicknames have to be earned, just as in the real world, and once acquired, it too will appear on-line, unless you raise an objection.

So let's get started:

1. Your nationality? (can be single/dual)

This choice affects your next 3 options.

2. Your family name?

3. Your first name?

4. Any middle names? (optional)

If you wish, you can pause here and send in your basic data, and upon my reply, you should go and sign up for our Yahoo Groups via the CONTACT Mailing Lists page, by which time our moderators will be aware of your impending arrival.

Other details can be added later if you wish, or if you really don't want to go that far, the 'catch all' phrase "CLASSIFIED" can be inserted in to the other fields of your character's personnel file. See the links below for inspiration.

But if you are keen to carry on, then next you need to add your character's skills, so click the link labelled "Skill Set" below.

Part 2. Skill Set Part 3. UNMC Branch Of Service

End of Page


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