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About Us

The School was founded in January of 1991 by myself, Dean Wayland, along with three of my students Mary Gentle, Ashley Bird and Michael Gearing. Originally set up purely as a school of swordsmanship, promoting and teaching my own system of swordplay, that became known as the Wayland Fight System, development of which I began in 1981. By 1991 the WFS had become a fully fledged competitive combat sport for use with historically accurate reproduction swords of war in competitions, battle re-enactments and live role playing events. Since then the School's range of activities has expanded to include our own small re-enactment and airsoft military simulation/role-playing events, SHOGUN and CONTACT.

Seeing as the WFS was designed for use in steel weapons live role playing and battle re-enactment activities, in which the founder currently has well over thirty years of experience, it was natural that eventually we would begin running our own events. So in 1994 we began to run "SHOGUN" which is a historical re-enactment/live role playing campaign, set against the background of late sixteenth and early seventeenth century Japan, the period in which the Europeans made their first appearance in that country.

As of 1996, we also began to run our other campaign, CONTACT. This is somewhat different, being our "Stargate" inspired military simulation/live role playing airsoft campaign, which is run from deep within a unique museum - a former cold war nuclear bunker.

We would like to offer you our training and/or if you wish, an opportunity to participate in our various activities which are available to anyone who is prepared to make the effort, fight safely and play fair.

If you would like to get involved, or you simply require more information please contact me, Dean Wayland, by either phone or snailmail as detailed below, or via email by clicking my picture. Meanwhile feel free to explore the School's web site and we hope you find it informative and entertaining.

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Photograph ©Mary Gentle 2007
Dean Wayland



The Fight School
4 Yarmouth Road
United Kingdom

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