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The Fight School

Established 1991

SHÔGUN display a scene from CONTACT
SHOGUN: 1543-1640 CONTACT!


Welcome to the pages of The Fight School, a not-for-profit organisation providing war sword training and weekend military simulation and live role-playing adventure and re-enactment events for people over the age of eighteen. We would like to offer you our training and/or if you wish, an opportunity to participate in our various activities which are available to anyone who is prepared to make the effort, fight safely and play fair. Please come in and have a look around and be entertained.

This web site is continuously expanding and carries all the necessary information for both members and those interested or merely curious about The Fight School and its activities. If you would like to get involved, or you simply require more information please contact me, Dean Wayland, Head of the School. Meanwhile feel free to explore the School's web site and we hope you find it informative and fun.

Navigating The Site

  • Wherever you find the School's crossed swords logo, clicking upon it will act as a "Home" button bringing you back to this page.
  • At top and bottom of the majority of pages you will find the main navigation bar. On some you will find an additional bar with links specific to that activity. Inactive buttons are greyed out. Please note that on the specialised "in-character" CONTACT! pages, you will not find these bars, instead a special set of links are used so as not to spoil the atmosphere.
  • At the top left of each page, the date that it's contents were last updated will be shown.
  • The abbreviation WFS and QRD in the links take you to the Wayland Fight System page, and the Quick Reference Diary page respectively. The latter is a compact version of the main diary, intended for printing out.
  • Finally please note that the links that take you off this site are provided purely for your convenience, and that we cannot take ANY responsibility for their contents, nor can their inclusion be considered as an endorsement.

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